Sodapoppin hits back at Twitch fans who criticize streamers for being rich

sodapoppin nmplolSodapoppin/nmplol

Twitch star Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris clapped back at Twitch viewers who compare his wealth accumulated through streaming to billionaire Jeff Bezos.

Twitch streaming, once merely a hobby of gamers and entertainers across the internet, has turned into a massively lucrative job for those with talent willing to put in the time and effort.

Although many at the top of the broadcasting site have raked in the dough over the years, it’s also come with a healthy serving of criticism over their newfound wealth.

Now, star streamer Sodapoppin has hit out at viewers who compare his financial standing to that of actual billionaires.

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Sodapoppin roasts viewers over comparison to billionaires

Soda joined fellow streamer Nmplol for a live stream on August 10. During the ride-along, Morris brought up his difficulty understanding how Twitch viewers understand his income incorrectly.

“It’s frustrating when I talk about how rich Jeff Bezos is, and people throw my name into that pile. Like, okay, you’re so stupid you deserve to be poor.”

The joke made Nmp burst into laughter but also get nervous viewers would take his comments seriously.

“He’s joking, guys. He’s joking! Chance, you can’t say stuff like that.”

The clip instantly went viral notching over 100,000 views in just a single day after being uploaded.

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Twitch streamers have had very public battles defending their wealth in the public eye. Most notably, after star streamer Hasan Piker bought a $200,000 Porsche back in February, he had to fight off hordes of criticism.

While some will continue to poke at streamers over their obtained wealth, Sodapoppin believes some viewers don’t understand what truly being rich means.