Sodapoppin explains why WoW Classic is going to be “so boring”

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Blizzard is gearing up for World of Warcraft Classic to go live on August 27, but popular Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris is warning fans that it’s going to be ‘boring’ and not very interesting to watch as a stream. 

WoW first released in 2004, and went on to become one of the most popular MMORPGs of all time.  Over its near 15-year run, the game has seen over six major expansions and has gone through many changes, so it is pretty far removed from how it was when it originally launched.

But older players have long held nostalgia for the classic version, and newcomers have wanted to see what they missed out on. With Blizzard releasing the original version, will it be everything it’s hyped up to be? Sodapoppin doesn’t think so.

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WoW Classic will be “so boring”

During a stream on August 23, Sodapoppin went on a rant about the Classic version launching and how he feels it’s going to be boring. “It’s going to be so boring. The first streams are going to be so boring, god, to watch.”

He then elaborated that he was worried that everyone is over-hyping the Classic. “Everyone is so hyped about Classic. I’ve never seen this game. I can’t wait to go check it out. It’s on Twitter, even Reddit’s bumping.”

Blizzard EntertainmentA screenshot from one of the earlier versions of World of Warcraft.

The popular Twitch streamer also addressed the long queues once it launches, and described what those checking it out could potentially experience.

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“Login screen. Queue. Five hours. Man everyone’s in queue, I can’t wait to come back in 5 hours to actually see the gameplay,” he said.

He then explained that he thought players would be in for disappointment after the long wait, and the hype: “They come back in 5 hours. Man they’re only hitting one button. Half the time they’re just drinking, this sucks!”

Blizzard recently did an AMA over on Reddit, where a Senior Game Producer with the username ‘Chromschi’ said that the company anticipates long queue times on release.

“On the most popular servers, such as Herod and Shazzrah, we are currently estimating lengthy queue times – up to several hours or more in certain instances,” they said.

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RedditA Blizzard dev expects long queues for WoW classic600

It remains to be seen if Sodapoppin’s predictions will be correct.