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Sodapoppin explains how he ‘hacked’ Twitch to troll upcoming streamer

Published: 26/Feb/2020 7:21

by Andrew Amos


Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris, with the help of ‘Fyz,’ went undercover as himself in an elaborate troll against an upcoming Just Chatting streamer on Twitch, who couldn’t believe the real Soda was in her chat.

Sodapoppin has his fair share of fans across Twitch. The World of Warcraft streamer has been at the top of the charts for years, with thousands of loyal followers tuning in every day.

Many of those followers are just like him ⁠— streamers on the platform ⁠— so when he drops by random channels, it would be a pretty big moment for them.

Twitch: Sodapoppin
Sodapoppin has climbed up the Twitch ranks to become one of the platform’s biggest streamers.

However, one streamer wasn’t convinced that it was the real Sodapoppin, and so the streamer and a friend played an elaborate prank to make it seem that way.

On February 15, Sodapoppin entered the Twitch chat of Youneh and followed her, startling the streamer. However, the streamer didn’t let anyone know of the story until February 25 in a bit of a tell-all about the antics he and Fyz pulled that day.

“So there was this girl that was streaming and I followed her channel ⁠— we were just going through Just Chatting and I followed her,” he said.

“I didn’t know it would pop up and show up on her screen ‘Sodapoppin followed’ and she was like ‘oh my god, Sodapoppin followed,’ and I was like f**k, great, so that’s annoying I hate that.”

Sodapoppin’s friend, Fyz, came up with an excuse for the random sub. He had hacked Twitch, and now he was spamming Sodapoppin follower alerts all across the platform, and he just so happened to be testing the program on her stream.

“Fyz came in and said something along the lines of ‘hey, no, I hacked Twitch, and I made this program that makes it look like big streamers did certain things.’ She bought it, and because I was in Discord with Fyz he was like, ‘yo, subscribe to her,’ so I subbed to her.”

“Right before I subbed Fyz typed: ‘watch, I’ll make him subscribe to you.’ She’s like ‘oh my god Fyz, how did you write this program, that’s so crazy,’ and she’s going on, she loves it, she believes it.

From there though, the hoax only got deeper and deeper. What seemed like an innocent follow turned into something much deeper.

Twitch: Sodapoppin
Sodapoppin showed off the snapchat he sent to Youneh on his own stream.

“Because Fyz subscribed to her, he got her Snapchat,” he said, holding back the laughter. “She’s still debating whether or not it’s actually me, she’s having doubts. She gives Fyz the Snapchat, but Fyz then gives it to me, so I have her Snapchat, but she thinks it’s Fyz pretending.

“I literally snapchat her my face. I send her a picture of my face. She’s like ‘oh my god, that’s not real, how did you photoshop that?’ I snapchatted her again, but this time, I have her Twitch name, and I write it in paint in the background so you can see it on the monitor in the back, but she still doesn’t believe it.”

From hacking Twitch to hacking Snapchat, Youneh seemed in awe of Fyz’s ‘skill,’ and wanted him to keep pushing the limits.

“Fyz is now claiming ‘yeah, I wrote this program that lets me hack big streamer’s faces and snapchat them.’ She believes it, but then she asks for it on a piece of paper, and Fyz is like ‘yeah, one second,’ so I get a piece of paper and I say ‘f**k you’ on it as well.

The duo went on to send videos and even get Sodapoppin to get in a Discord call with her, all while she believed it was just from Fyz’s “program.”

The prank had Sodapoppin and his community in stitches, and Youneh could also see the funny side of it as well once all was said and done. So, if you see Sodapoppin in your small stream, someone hasn’t hacked Twitch ⁠— it’s the real Soda, and you should definitely get a little excited at his expense.


PewDiePie finally responds to YouTube “shadowban” glitch

Published: 26/Oct/2020 20:32

by Brent Koepp


On October 26, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg responded to a glitch that omitted his YouTube channel from searches a few days before. The bug sparked widespread speculation that he had been “shadowbanned” by Google.

The YouTube community was rocked on October 19 when rumors began to spread that the platform’s largest content creator, PewDiePie, had been shadowbanned. However, it was quickly clarified to be a bug and his account was fixed.

The Swede addressed the drama in his first video back since the glitch. While the star believed that people were too quick to jump to conclusions about him being banned, he did have questions for Google as to why his channel was the only one affected.

pewdiepie reacting to youtube shadowban meme
YouTube: PewDiePie
The YouTuber reacted to fans joking about the “shadowban” glitch.

PewDiePie responds to YouTube after “shadowban” glitch

Fans of the personality became concerned on October 19 when his channel disappeared from searches on YouTube. His latest video tanked in views as no one could see it without a direct link. Google then released a statement and said it was an error before fixing his channel hours later.

Responding to the incident, Pewds revealed that he didn’t think he was shadowbanned as his account had been having issues for days. “People started noticing my video wasn’t getting any views. And it just went everywhere. There was a bunch of news for it!” he said, before he joked, “Shadow ban! They creep from the shadows and they ban you!”

Despite not being overly concerned, Kjellberg did find it peculiar that it mainly impacted his channel and nobody else’s. “I didn’t think they shadowbanned me, I just assumed it was a glitch. But it begs the question, how does that happen? How did it happen? It didn’t happen to anyone else. I asked around.”

(Topic starts at 01:31)

The popular entertainer later joked about YouTube trying to explain the glitch, after reacting to a fan submission on Reddit. “We shadowbanned our biggest creator! Yeah, yeah it was weird. It was weird, what in the world,” he said.

To add salt to the wound, Pewds celebrated his birthday on October 24, but instead of well wishes from fans, his subreddit was flooded with users concerned that he had been shadowbanned by Google. It should also be stated there is no confirmation that the company even does bans in this manner.

At the time of writing, the star’s account is back to normal, and his uploads are getting millions of views again. If nothing else, the incident shows just how many people love the 31-year-old entertainer. Viewers were quick to rally together for the content creator – further proof that Kjellberg is the king of the platform.