Sodapoppin claims Twitch stars are trying to be banned by continuing TV meta

Shay Robson
xQc / Sodapoppin

Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has a theory that Twitch stars like xQc are actively trying to be banned from the platform by continuing the troublesome TV show meta.

The Twitch meta is consistently changing, and the most recent trend has been to react to TV shows and movies on stream. The new meta has already proven to cause trouble, as other top streamers who hopped on the bandwagon, like Pokimane and Hasanabi, have been hit with bans and DMCA strikes.

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With bans and strikes being handed out, it deterred many from new meta, but xQc has decided to continue his TV show reaction content.

When learning that xQc is continuing to stream copyrighted content, Twitch streamer Sodapoppin went off at the streamer and believes he’s just actively trying to be banned so he can retire.

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Streamers reacting to TV shows and movies are dominating the Twitch meta.

In his January 7 live stream, Sodapoppin learned that xQc was continuing the TV show meta despite the clear problems that it could cause for him, after a viewer alerted Soda to the fact he was streaming the Hunter x Hunter anime.

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“There’s no way xQc is watching Hunter x Hunter. There’s no f**king way,” said Soda. “Oh my god, is he f**king braindead? Didn’t Hasan get DMCA’d by Gordon f**king Ramsay, like literally yesterday?”

He continued by adding that he believes top Twitch streamers are wanting to be banned: “Like he actually got DMCA’d by Gordon Ramsay and now it’s like Hunter x Hunter- are you stupid? Alright, you can’t change my mind, all these streamers want to be banned. Like they actually want to be banned so they can just retire and their legacy can stay where it is at the top.”

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xQc is no stranger to DMCA bans. In August 2021, the streamer hit back at the Olympic Committee with a counter-claim as believed he was under fair use when reacting to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

However, continuing to watch copyrighted content might have implications for Twitch as a whole, with some streamers concerned it could land the platform in legal trouble and losing advertising partners.

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