Sodapoppin explains why his Christmas stream will be in February

Andrew Amos
Twitch: Sodapoppin

Popular World of Warcraft streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has moved his annual Christmas stream to February next year, but some fans are confused with the decision.

Sodapoppin’s Christmas opening stream has become a Twitch tradition over the years. Celebrating the festive joy with his fans, Sodapoppin shares his favorite stories from the year, all while getting into the Christmas cheer with plenty of gifts.

However, with the streamer announcing that he was taking a break from Twitch on November 29, some of his plans for the festive season have been thwarted. 

Twitch: Sodapoppin
Sodapoppin’s Christmas opening stream has become a staple on Twitch.

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Sodapoppin explained to his fans that his Christmas stream was being delayed until February — just in time for the streamer’s birthday.

“Since I’m not streaming for a while, I am moving the Christmas opening stream to February for a birthday opening stream instead,” he said. “Nothing about the stream is going to change except for the date.

The reason behind the streamer’s break from the platform is to focus on one of gaming’s hardest achievements — getting Rank 14 on World of Warcraft.

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“I’m currently not streaming trying to grind to Rank 14, [and] I feel weird [as f**k] just going live all of a sudden for a Christmas opening stream,” he said. “I’d rather do it when I’m fully back into streaming and used to it, otherwise I’d feel super awkward.”

Getting Rank 14 on World of Warcraft Classic requires months of non-stop grinding for numerous hours a day. Sodapoppin has moved his streams off to a secondary account so he doesn’t feel pressured in creating entertaining content, but people still interested in following his progress can do so.

“I think I can do it, but streaming it is really boring and only makes it more difficult,” he said. “Classic WoW people hate streaming so I just don’t want to go live doing it.”

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Sodapoppin’s community has had mixed reactions to the Christmas stream delay. While some are understanding of the streamer putting his own gaming aspirations before public entertainment, people who have donated gifts for the stream have felt left out.

“Imagine taking thousands of dollars from people with an agreement of what you’re going to do with it and then changing your mind and not holding to that,” said Twitter user ‘Mythun’.

Fans of Sodapoppin’s streams can continue to watch the streamer celebrate Christmas his own way on his second account ‘Skippypoppin’, but they’ll have to wait for the festive opening stream for a few months yet.