Sodapoppin calls himself an “idiot” for not taking Mixer deal

Sodapoppin looks stunned on Twitch stream.Twitch: Sodapoppin

Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris is absolutely furious with himself for not taking an exclusive streaming deal with Mixer when it was offered to him.

Exclusive streaming deals are flying left, right, and center at the moment, with some of the biggest creators in the world jumping between platforms.

Recently, we’ve seen creators such as FaZe Clan star ‘Swagg’ sign exclusive deals with YouTube. Similarly, Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu made the same move, where she’ll be joining her friends Valkyrae, Ludwig, Sykkuno, and many more on the Google-owned platform.

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Now, Twitch streamer Sodapoppin has opened up on how he regrets not taking an offer from Mixer before the Microsoft-owned streaming site shut down in 2020.

Sodapoppin regrets not taking Mixer deal

Ninja was the first to kick off the exclusive deals with his first-of-a-kind move to Mixer in 2019. In the following months, we began seeing other top streamers follow suit, with shroud also joining the platform. However, as we know, the site soon shut down, and the two received huge payouts.

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With 8.8M followers on Twitch alone, Sodapoppin is arguably one of the biggest streamers in the world, and with massive audience as big as his, it’s no surprise to learn that he was also prime target for Mixer to poach.

The 28-year-old streaming star first opened up about his regrets not moving from Twitch to Mixer back in August, where he revealed he wished he’d taken the lucrative opportunity.

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More recently, he was asked what missed opportunity he’d travel back in time to take if he could, and, of course, he mentioned his deal with Mixer. “Mixer! I would sign the f**k out of that $10M deal,” he admitted.

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“I’d sign it, I would leave, I’d take the f**king money, they’d pay me back I don’t know the actual number, but its millions.”

Friend and fellow streamer Nmplol was left completely shocked, calling him an idiot for not taking the Mixer offer.

“I know, I know, I could’ve signed it, they would’ve shut down and went out of business,” Soda replied. “They would’ve had to fulfill the contract and pay me what they owed me which would’ve been millions and I would’ve just came back!”

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In hindsight, nobody could’ve predicted that Mixer would go out of business after they already signed Ninja and shroud. It’s likely that Sodapoppin would’ve had to stream for years on the platform in return for the millions of dollars that were on offer.

However, it sure is an opportunity nobody would want to miss out on, as he would’ve returned to Twitch sooner than anticipated with probably a lot more in his bank account.

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