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Sodapoppin accidentally tricks friends into thinking he’s having a kid

Published: 6/Jan/2022 23:02

by Zackerie Fairfax


During a Twitch broadcast, popular variety streamer Sodapoppin jokingly stated he was having a kid. After the clip was shared on Reddit, some of Soda’s friends were fooled into thinking he was being serious.

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris has been a streamer on Twitch since 2012. Starting as a World of Warcraft broadcaster, Soda has grown his community to the point where they will watch him play anything.

From IRL streams, to gambling, or any random Steam game, Soda has amassed a loyal following. And being around the platform for so long, Sodapoppin has been pretty open with his chat.

So, when he slipped out that he was “having a kid,” some members of his community took his words at face value. A Reddit post titled “soda is having a kid!!!!!” caught the attention of some of Soda’s friends, and they were quick to believe it.


Sodapoppin reacts to rumors of having a child

The next day, Sodapoppin addressed the rumors on stream. He stated that the reason he said “I’m having a kid” was to avoid what was actually going to come out of his mouth. He explained he was going to talk about his friends with COVID-19, but didn’t know if they wanted that information public.

However, he did get a good laugh out of unintentionally fooling his friends. Sodapoppin stated that his close friends saw the post on LiveStreamFails and thought it was real. They immediately reached out to congratulate him.

Soda shared a DM from his friend PandaTV that read, “Bro, wtf? Are you really having a kid? People are messaging me?!?!”


He also cleared the air and confirmed he was not having a kid. He also stated that he wasn’t sure if he did have coronavirus, although he had spent time with the friends who now do.

The internet sleuths attempting to find out who the mom is will be a little disappointed when they learn Sodapoppin won’t be a Sodapapa.

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