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Sodapoppin accidentally makes $10k from merch and isn’t happy about it

Published: 9/Jan/2021 15:49 Updated: 9/Nov/2021 1:53

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris explained that while he had attempted to make zero profit off his recent merch launch, a missing discount code meant that many bought the shirts at full price, and he ended up unintentionally making $10,000.

Sodapoppin is a variety streamer with almost 6 million Twitch followers. Lately he’s been streaming the latest Twitch phenomenon Rust, participating in the huge OfflineTV server alongside creators like xQc and shroud.

For most streamers, releasing merch is not only a great way to share something with their followers, but from a business perspective also allows them to make a decent amount of profit to put back into their content.


Sodapoppin screams at a game
Twitch: Sodapoppin / M23BobGames
Sodapoppin’s streams are always filled with clip worthy moments.

While it seems strange for someone to want to avoid making money off their products, that’s what Sodapoppin did when he released his new merch.

In a YouTube video about the topic, he explained, “the merch store, there is no profit in it. It’s simply just very cheap shirts. But they’re 100% cotton.” He also said, “it’s not like they’re cheap shirts, it’s just that my profit is taken out, I get nothing from it.”

Sodapoppin accidentally makes $10k

With that goal in mind, it then made a lot of sense when Soda shared his frustrations with gaining over $10,000 from the drop – completely unintentionally.


“You wanna hear rich people problems?” he began. “So Malena made a YouTube video talking about the shirts or whatever, the store. The whole purpose of the shirts is to be dirt cheap and make zero profit.”

He revealed the choice was selling the shirts for $9, or selling them at $12 and provide a discount which would make them cheaper overall. “But Malena made this video, and she didn’t know about the discount code. I made like ten grand on people not knowing about the discount code. And I’m pissed about it.”

An unintentional $10k isn’t usually something that people would get annoyed at, but it couldn’t have been further away from what Chance was trying to do with his new merch release.


Although the kind gesture ended up backfiring in an unexpected way, the story of the accidental profit-making was definitely an entertaining one for viewers.