Snoop Dogg spent whole Twitch stream muted and no one could tell him

Snoop Dogg muted during entire Twitch streamInstagram/SnoopDogg

World famous rapper turned occasional Twitch streamer Snoop Dogg had yet another major broadcast mishap after spending a whole session completely muted.

On July 14, Snoop decided to stream himself playing some Madden 21 and right off the bat, something was wrong with the broadcast.

With a joint in his mouth and a controller in his hands, Snoop began the stream muted and spent the entire hour and six-minute broadcast without any audio.

To make matters even worse, Snoop’s stream was in “emote only mode” which meant that no one could tell, with words anyway, that his stream was muted.

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It wasn’t for a lack of trying though. Many viewers tried desperately to get Snoop’s attention through the use of emotes.

Some of the attempts included “nay” followed by a music note, ears followed by “nay” and any other emotes viewers had at their disposal.

It’s unclear if Snoop even realized he was muted when he decided to end the stream, but he didn’t type anything in the chat before or after its abrupt end. Nor did he tweet about it on social media.

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Snoop Dogg's chat in emote only modeTwitch
Snoop’s chat tried to help, but were stuck in emote only mode.

Still, this isn’t the biggest fail of Snoop’s streaming career. Previously, the rapper rage quit a game of Madden and thought he had ended the stream, but he accidentally kept it rolling for over seven hours.

In the future, Snoop may want to see if he can get someone to help him with his broadcasts so they run a bit smoother, or, you know, actually with sound.

Hopefully, he can figure out how the audio works in time for his next broadcast, whenever that may be.

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