Smosh roasts Shane Dawson for his dramatic documentary series

By now most people have heard of Shane Dawson’s documentary style YouTube series called “The Mind of Jake Paul,” which examines Paul’s life from a variety of angles and has been the source of plenty of drama.

The first video in the original series has over 20 million views and now satires of the series are starting to appear.

On October 10th, YouTuber Smosh posted a satirical look at the series in a video titled “The Mind of Shane Dawson” to his 23 million subscribers and it’s pretty hilarious. 

“We’ve all seen the videos where Shane Dawson documents other people’s lives, but, dont you think its weird, no has ever documented his?” Smosh asks as an eerie title slide fades in.

Throughout the video, Smosh makes jokes about how Dawson reaches conclusions, his sources for parts of the series and how Dawson may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The video is clearly satire but, like any good satire, most of his points are rooted in valid critiques of the series as a whole.

Part eight, “Inside the Mind of Jake Paul” and the series finale was posted on October 18th and had amassed over 22k likes just an hour after Dawson tweeted it out.

Fans of the series will likely enjoy the satirical version posted by Smosh and should be sure to stay tuned for “part two of [Smosh’s] 58 part series.”