Slime reveals Pointcrow joke that got him perma-banned on Twitter

Slime on the yard podcastYouTube: The Yard

Slime has revealed that a joke about Pointcrow posted to Twitter led to him getting permanently banned from the platform.

Every Thursday, Ludwig and his co-hosts Aiden, Nick, and Slime upload the latest episode of their podcast: The Yard.

Each week, they share the latest news whether it’s something happening within the group or a topic that’s gone viral since the last episode.

On January 19, Slime revealed that he was permanently banned from Twitter after making a joke about Pointcrow on the platform.

Slime reveals joke that got him banned on Twitter

During The Yard episode, Slime revealed he was permanently banned on Twitter, shocking the rest of the group as Ludwig grabbed his phone to check himself.

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“It’s so funny. I’ve been good, right? I’ve been not hating as much. So, I looked it up,” Slime explained. “They sent me an email and the tweet that got me permanently banned [from Twitter] is ‘I’m going to behead Pointcrow live on broadcast.'”

He went on to explain that he was given the option to appeal the permanent suspension but plans on laying low for a little bit.

(Topic starts at 2:08 in the video)

While it’s clear Slime wasn’t being serious in his tweet, it appears Twitter’s moderation team thought otherwise.

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He also mentioned that it was in reference to the fact Slime and Pointcrow were competing against each other in QTCinderella’s ‘Master Baker’ event at the time of the tweet.

Pointcrow was eliminated on day 2 of the week-long Twitch event, but Slime was able to make it to the end.