Slim Albaher accused of trespassing by “Karen” after extending AirBnB checkout

Slim Albaher airbnb karenYouTube: Slim Albaher / Twitter: SlimmySlim94

YouTube boxer Slim Albaher uploaded a video of himself being confronted by an AirBnB owner, who accused him of trespassing after he was late to check out.

Slim Albaher is an influencer-boxer who recently faced off against fellow creator FaZe Temperrr on the undercard for KSI’s ‘two fights, one night’ boxing event on August 26.

Slim emerged the victor by knockout over his opponent, adding another victory to his record and further cementing his status as a force to be reckoned with… but even he is no match for a “Karen.”

Slim was once again traveling and staying in an AirBnB when he was confronted by the homeowner, who accused him of “trespassing” on her property after being 15 minutes late checking out.

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The YouTuber uploaded a video of the encounter to Twitter on September 13, showing himself being accosted by the woman, who was also recording him on her phone.

“We were customers at AirBnB,” Slim explained. “We extended for one hour, I was sleeping. It’s eleven o’clock now.”

“Ten AM is checkout,” the owner said. “Now, he’s trespassing.”

“It’s eleven o’clock, and she’s calling the police on me!” Slim added in between commands from the owner to “get out” of the home. “What’s going on, woman? What’s going on? Karen, chill!”

“You’re not supposed to be in my house,” she continued. “How about I go to your house when I’m not supposed to be there? Go, get out! Just stop talking.”

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Slim added another comment via Twitter, saying he was “having a great sleep until that Karen kicked my door down with a phone in my face for oversleeping for 15 mins.”

While it’s unclear how the situation resolved at the time of writing, AirBnB has reached out to Slim for any assistance he might need.

This is just the latest AirBnB fiasco to go viral, after a TikToker took over the internet for discovering “slave cabins” in their travel accommodations.