Sliker has perfect escape plan after Bridgett catches him "lurking" her Twitch channel

by Virginia Glaze


As live streaming grows ever more popular, more and more internet personalities are broadcasting their daily lives for all to see - but sometimes, these streams can capture unexpected, awkward, and sometimes downright hilarious moments.

Popular Twitch streamer and CS:GO aficionado “Sliker” is known for his humorous reactions and gut-busting interactions with other personalities on the site - including rising star streamer Bridgett Devoue of “Just Chatting” fame.


Bridgett was in the middle of one such “Just Chatting” stream on September 18 when Sliker tuned in, after being linked to one of her clips during his own broadcast.

Bridgett Devoue, Instagram
Bridgett Devoue, Instagram
Twitch streamer Bridgett Devoue is known for her hilarious "Just Chatting" streams - one of which fellow streamer "Sliker" sat in on.

Although Sliker joked that he’d ban anyone who linked such clips to his chat, he quickly found himself going down the rabbit hole, with some members of his audience exposing him in Bridgett’s chat while he watched her live stream.


Thus, Bridgett tuned in to his stream in response to the hullabaloo - a fact that Sliker was immediately aware of. As though pretending he hadn’t been watching, he immediately paused her stream to click on another tab, which led to a YouTube video playing classical music.

“And we out here, gonna be respectfully knowing knowledgeable thoughts,” Sliker began in a humorous lecture. “So if we interact with enthusiastic behaviors, we can exaggerate the enthusiasm in possible…” he trailed off.

Thinking he was safe, he clicked back to Bridgett’s channel - where he quickly realized she was still watching.


Sliker immediately returned to his classical music video and continued his nonsensical sermon, using large words at random before addressing the elephant in the room.

“Bridgett, let’s just f*ckin’ be straight, right?” he joked. “You like me? You don’t even f*cking know me. I was psyching it up when you said you wanted to meet up!”

Although Sliker was clearly poking some lighthearted fun at their relationship, it looks like his genius “escape plan” didn’t work out as intended: although it is pretty impressive that he had an option ready to go, thanks to his classical music tab being on deck for such a perfect occasion.