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SlikeR left frozen after bizarre interaction with Dairy Queen cashier

Published: 25/Nov/2019 22:16

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular Twitch streamer SlikeR was left embarrassed after he asked a Dairy Queen cashier to guess his age with disastrous results.

The entertainer was checking out Austin, Texas with fellow Twitch streamer Jon Zherka who followed him around streaming his every move. Things got a bit awkward as Sliker approached a cashier at Dairy Queen to place an order.

“Hey, where’s Snow White?” Zherka joked, interrupting the British streamer’s chain of thought. “Cause it’s like the Dwarfs.”

As Sliker tried to order a chocolate dip, Zherka continued to talk over his friend.

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“You want to know how smart he is?” Zherka asked the cashier. “He let me pay $50 for a meal and now he wants to treat me to ice cream. This f*cking guy.”


“He’s got dessert,” the cashier played along.

“Okay then, get me $50 worth of ice cream, let’s do that,” Zherka replied.

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The banter continued with Zherka mocking SlikeR’s height, eventually leading to the Dairy Queen employee to inquire where the two were streaming before being put to the test with an awkward question.

“This is his channel so what do you think of him physically,” the Canadian asked. “Have you ever seen a man like this?”

The bizarre questions continued with SlikeR asking the ice cream lady how old she thought he was.

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“How old do I think you are? You’re probably about…38?” she answered to roaring laughter from the streaming duo.

For his part, SlikeR couldn’t believe the girl’s answer when he confided with his friend a bit later. “I can’t believe that. That’s 13 years older than what I am.”

“Yea, that’s weird. I don’t know why she said that,” the Canadian stated. “You look young.”

In the end, the two agreed that they shouldn’t have asked the cashier to guess his age. When it comes to the age guessing game, the DQ employee may as well have been disqualified.