Singer Jax delighted after seeing ‘Taylor Swift’ singing her song, but it was a lookalike

YouTube jax TikTok noitsashleyYouTube: Jax/TikTok: Noitsashley13

Popular singer Jax was delighted to see a TikTok video of Taylor Swift singing her song ‘Victoria’s Secret,’ telling everyone she knows before realizing it was Taylor’s lookalike instead.

Over the last few years, Jax has taken over TikTok with a wide variety of content ranging from hilarious interactions with family and friends to her own songs.

Most recently, she went viral for her original song ‘Victoria’s Secret’ that she wrote to promote body positivity to women worldwide.

Jax was delighted after finding a video of Taylor Swift singing a snippet of her song recently, as she quickly sent the video to everyone she knew. However, she quickly realized that it wasn’t actually Taylor.

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Jax confuses Taylor Swift lookalike with real person

On January 8, 2023, Jax uploaded a duet video of her alongside Taylor Swift lookalike TikToker noitsashley13.

In text overlayed on the video, she said: “After telling my agent, record label, manager, friends, and relatives that Taylor used my song.”

At the time of writing, Jax’s video has amassed over three and a half million views and nearly two thousand likes.

Soon after posting, Jax learned she’s not the only one that gets tricked by the noitsashley13’s looks.

One user replied: “Honestly I don’t blame you for thinking that was Taylor.”

“I get confused too, she looks so much like Taylor,” another said.

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A third user commented: “That’s just Ashley.”

Just a few hours later, Ashley noticed that Jax mentioned they should collaborate on a video together, and responded in a video saying she was down to do so.

It’s unknown when that will ever happen, but it’s clear fans of the two influencers are excited about the idea.

Ashley’s not the only celebrity lookalike on TikTok either, as Stranger Things star Sadie Sink and Kylie Jenner doppelgangers have popped up in the past.