Signed C9 Jersey stolen from Halo tournament sells for $100 on eBay

Zackerie Fairfax
c9 jersey stolen fron HCS

In December of 2021, a signed Cloud9 Stratus jersey was stolen from an in-person Halo Infinite tournament. Now, the jersey has resurfaced after it sold for $100 on eBay.

The first in-person Halo tournament in some time occurred on December 17th through the 19th. The HCS Kickoff Major was held in Raleigh, North Carolina, and featured players from nine different esports orgs.

Cloud9 was one of the teams who competed at the event, and they ultimately took home the grand prize of $140k. They also brought along a one-of-a-kind C9 Stratus Jersey signed by the players. C9 intended to give this jersey to a fan.

However, the jersey was stolen before it could be given away. Thought to be lost without a trace, the jersey later resurfaced on the popular reselling site, eBay.

Stolen C9 jersey sells on eBay

signed c9 jersey on ebay
The stolen C9 jersey was listed twice ultimately selling for $100.

The story of the stolen jersey doesn’t have a happy ending. Although it appeared on eBay, it was already too late. The C9 jersey was sold for the low low price of $100 USD to another stranger on the internet.

The jersey was reported by Cloud9’s social media manager C9 Porti. He stated that the jersey was left backstage and was intended to be given to a fan. However, it was stolen along with a player badge and later sold online.

The listing for the jersey was posted by eBay user gregorydan1964. It was originally listed on December 26th, just 10 days after the HCS Kickoff. Yet, before the bidding came to an end, the seller delisted the item. It was relisted on January 1st where it sold for $40 less than it would have originally.

All hope is not lost quite yet. According to some members of the Stratus community, the buyer may return the stolen jersey to C9. Although, there have been no reports from Porti or C9 that there is any intent to retrieve the jersey.

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