Sienna Mae sparks controversy over “toxic” TikTok beauty filter

Sienna Mae using a TikTok filterTikTok: siennamae

TikTok star Sienna Mae has stirred debate after she criticized a TikTok filter designed to make people look ‘prettier.’

Back in May, influencer Sienna Mae made headlines after she was accused of assaulting ex-boyfriend, Jack Wright.

Sienna firmly denied the claims and ended up taking a month-long break off social media, which she returned from on July 6 with a video titled “after a month away.” She described it as “one of the most difficult times in [her] life.”

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Sienna Mae responds to leaked video of her and Jack WrightYouTube: Sienna Gomez
Sienna Mae posted two videos denying the claims made by Jack Wright’s friends

She has returned to regular posting on social media, though many users don’t agree with her decision to come back.

Sienna has now sparked controversy in her comments section after she uploaded a TikTok criticizing a popular filter on the app that adds the illusion of makeup to people’s faces.

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“This filter is so toxic to young girls’ mental health,” she said. “I like looking at myself in this and then I take it off and I get super insecure.” She went on to show herself with and without the filter on to show the difference.

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However, some didn’t agree with the video, and the comment section was immediately flooded with backlash against Sienna.

“The way she tries to be miss inspiration soooo bad,” one comment with over 80,000 likes read. Several other users suggested that if she doesn’t like the filter, she just shouldn’t use it.

Comments on Sienna Mae's TikTok

“Girl then talk about the filter without using it, it would do more good, you’re just proving your own point,” another viewer wrote.

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Comments on Sienna Mae's TikTok

The video was also filled with comments relating to her controversy in particular, and some fans came to her defense. “Honestly so sick of the hate comments,” a comment with nearly 30,000 likes read, “you don’t know everything that’s happened. This is a TEENAGE GIRL whose life is under the microscope. Let her be.”

Comments on Sienna Mae's TikTok

Sienna hasn’t responded to the backlash surrounding her filter comments at the time of writing, but debate continues to rage on in the comment section.

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