Sidemen apologize to Charity Match ticket holders after a “small minority” attempted to break into the stadium

sidemen charity logo headerYouTube: Sidemen

Despite hosting a successful charity soccer match, the Sidemen apologized to ticket holders who could not get in after an attempted break-in incident.

The Sidemen Charity Match 2022 concluded on September 24, 2022, with the Sidemen taking the victory over the YouTube All-Stars 8-7.

The event was quite successful as the Sidemen raised over £1,000,000 for their chosen charities in just over three hours.

Unfortunately, the event was not without controversy as a small subset of fans attempted to break into the stadium, forcing security to lock down the venue early.

Fans attempted Sidemen Charity Event break-in

The announcement came from the Sidemen Twitter account, which confirmed the incident after relaying the amount of money raised for charity.

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“Unfortunately however due to a small minority attempting to break into the stadium, we were forced to lock the gates meaning a number of you weren’t able to get in despite having tickets.”

The Sidemen explained that the decision to lock the gates after the incident “was a security and safety decision.”

The group apologized “for any inconvenience caused” to any ticket holders not able to get into the venue and offered fans to contact them “with any questions” relating to the incident.

Fans in the comment immediately called for the influencer team to refund those affected by the incident.

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“I hope you can figure out which ticket holders didn’t get in based on which tickets were not scanned and refund them,” said Twitter user cillianharford.

Others were upset that the tweets didn’t outright mention the option of getting a refund for those affected, like user LukeBullen10 who said “No mention of giving them refunds.”

Hopefully, the Sidemen are able to compensate those who were affected by the incident in some way.