Shroud gives hilarious review of his new $10,000 water jet toilet

There’s a lot of financial incentives to making it big on Twitch – cars, houses and the best gaming gear money can buy. But, for top streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, he’s used some of his hard-earned streaming money on water jet, self-cleaning toilets.

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Shroud revealed that he had spent roughly $20,000 on two of ridiculously pricey toilets, which use a water jet to clean the user’s behind after use, back in January.

He called the decision a ‘mid-life’ crisis, after showing off what the toilets could do.

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However, despite their price tag, shroud wasn’t all that impressed by their performance, giving his viewers the final verdict on February 22.

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“So I sprayed water in my butt hole today for the first time,” he stated rather nonchalantly, “I was a little disappointed, because I was expecting more strength, it’s more like a gentle stream.”

Like a true gamer, shroud says he even tried to “overclock” his fancy toilets,  as though they were a CPU, but to no avail: “Not enough strength, I want it to be a straight jet stream into my asshole.”

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Thankfully, shroud’s Twitch subscribers have boomed in February, recently hitting over 70,000, which is (at minimum) around $300,000 a month in subscribers alone (not counting ad revenue, donations, and other income streams from YouTube and sponsors), so the $20,000 spent on these toilets hopefully won’t hurt too much.

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Maybe the toilet company will see shroud’s feedback and act on it – and maybe even drop the streamer a sponsorship too, which would be one of the most bizarre non-endemic gaming sponsorships yet.