Shroud to Twitch? Tweets fuel Valorant speculation amid streaming break

Shroud/Riot Games

With Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek seemingly no closer to announcing a new streaming home, we take a look at the cryptic tweets that could be hinting at a pro Valorant career.

Shroud is, quite simply, one of the biggest names in the world of gaming. A professional CS:GO career found him moderate success, before a move to full-time Twitch streaming compounded this and found his fan numbers well into the millions.

However, a move to Mixer ended bizarrely when, after less than a year with the platform, Microsoft announced that Mixer was to shut down and all streamers were offered the chance to move to Facebook Gaming. Shroud turned this down, and it’s been more or less radio silence since.

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Shroud spent ten months streaming exclusively on Mixer before the Microsoft broadcast platform was shutdown.Twitter: shroud
Shroud spent ten months streaming exclusively on Mixer before the Microsoft broadcast platform was shutdown.

Is Shroud going pro in Valorant?

A move back to Twitch at first seemed likely, but the lack of announcements has left fans scratching their heads.

What’s more, is that shroud has taken to posting cryptic tweets, often GIFs of some video game weapons. These seem to be hinting towards Valorant, the new FPS released by Riot Games in Summer 2020.

Since July 31, Grzesiek has posted three separate teasers, the first two of which were widely interpreted as hinting towards a move to playing Valorant. We have already seen a host of CS:GO professionals making the leap to Riot Games’ FPS.

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The first tweet referenced Omen from Valorant, a game shroud frequented prior to his streaming hiatus.

The second, posted on August 4, was more explicit in its references to Valorant, with many taking it as confirmation of his future career move.

Will Shroud return to Twitch?

However, no announcement has come from shroud, and his latest tweet has left almost everyone baffled.

Posted on August 8, it shows a gun being constructed in the typical GIF format. However, many fans were left scratching their heads, with no recognizable games being referenced. Though, it does focus on a small symbol at the end.

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We’ll have to wait and see what comes next for shroud, but a professional Valorant pursuit certainly seems the most likely outcome going off his first couple of tweets.

Another potential theory is that he is simply hinting that a return to streaming will be dominated by Valorant, but no streaming platform has yet emerged as a favorite.

Like all shroud fans, we’ll have to wait and see what materializes.