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Entertainment • Jun 18, 2019

Shroud says the next "superpower breed of gamers" could come from one game

Shroud says the next "superpower breed of gamers" could come from one game
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Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed the battle royale game which he believes is producing the world's next generation of "superpower" gamers, and it might not be the one you expect. 


The popular Twitch streamer can often be seen playing a variety of different shooter games on his ever-growing channel, trying out the likes of Apex Legends, PUBG, and even Splitgate: Arena Warfare in recent times. 

However, when discussing which video game has the most promising player base - in terms of its competitive gamers - the former CS:GO professional player picked a rather unlikely choice. 


Shroud plays Apex Legends a lot on Twitch, but is that the game he thinks is breeding the next generation of superpower players?

"Matt was saying these Fortnite gamers that are so fucking good, they are going to be the next superpower breed of gamers - if they choose to play another game," he said, responding to questions about a friend's opinion on the matter. 

He never stopped there, though, adding his own verdict to the mix during his June 17 stream. Shroud continued: "Those dudes are so fast, and so fucking aware, the only thing that they might be lacking is game sense - game sense in a team environment."


Not many people may have predicted the streamer to have selected Fortnite during the discussion, as he doesn't regularly play it, but there's no doubt that he thinks highly of the gamers who are succeeding into its competitive scene. Shroud also pointed out that their skills and awareness in the late game is an impressive attribute to have. 

"In a team environment, in a five-on-five competitive game, they might not be as good. But, because of all of those plusses that they have through Fortnite dude, it's going to be the superpower of breeds."

Whether his verdict is accurate or not is very much up for discussion, and only time will tell if this new generation of gamers playing BR games like Fortnite will go on to dominate gaming in years to come. Clearly, he thinks it's very possible. 

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