Shroud reveals which game convinced him to start streaming and quit CSGO

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Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek might be a streaming superstar, but the FPS legend got his start as a Counter-Strike pro. Now, the Twitch powerhouse has revealed how one game in particular helped convince him to switch careers: PUBG.

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek’s impressive FPS resume goes way, way back — and includes an almost four-year stint as a professional CS:GO player on talented rosters like Manajuma, compLexity, and later Cloud9.

Some newer fans might only know him as a top streamer on Twitch, but his deep Counter-Strike roots played a huge part in his rise to FPS fame (even if he doesn’t feel the game is worth his time anymore).

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Now, the Twitch star has opened up about his exit from the professional CS scene, and even revealed how one title in particular pulled him away from Counter-Strike so much that it helped convince him to quit altogether: PUBG.

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Shroud’s impressive FPS roots run all the way back to his time in Counter-Strike.

While streaming on Twitch, Grzesiek ended up on the topic of PUBG, and how he used to be “hooked” on it. As the conversation went on, he shared with fans just how much the battle royale phenomenon contributed to his move away from professional Counter-Strike.

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“Being hooked on PUBG was a mix of things,” he began before elaborating. “It was me being on break in Counter-Strike, [and] realizing that ‘holy f**k, I really just wanna stream,’ so I quit CS.”

The Twitch streamer also broke down exactly what it was about PUBG that pulled him in. “The fun I was having in PUBG was because it was similar to CS, as weird as [that] is. PUBG was very close to Counter-Strike.”

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“[The games were similar] when it came to ADS [and] shooting mechanics,” he explained. “I enjoyed that a lot, there was a lot to learn like spray patterns and bullet leads, all that s**t.”

Before moving on from the topic, shroud also recognized PUBG’s pitfalls, despite the draw it had on him. “The movement was awful,” he joked with a smile, “PUBG’s movement was always awful, but the gunplay felt good. Real good.”

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Grzesiek’s final comments will come as no surprise to many fans, as his BR tastes have shifted away from PUBG to other games like Warzone, and Apex Legends in particular.

While many fans knew of shroud’s Counter-Strike past and his fondness for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the streamer gave a small glimpse into just how influential the groundbreaking (at the time) BR was in his decision to move on from competitive CS and focus on his streaming career.

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