Shroud reveals his Twitch streaming tips to make it big online

Shroud Twitch Streaming TipsTwitch: Shroud

Shroud dropped some massive tips to help new Twitch streamers make it big online, claiming that sometimes you just need to go “the extra mile.”

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek had a relatively smooth path into becoming one of the world’s biggest streamers. He already developed a strong following as a professional CSGO player. Then, once he retired, he seamlessly transitioned into full-time streaming. 

He still had to put in time and dedication to make it work. But people couldn’t get enough of his superhuman aim and chilled vibes.

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The strong foundation he already had snowballed out of control. New fans kept on coming, and the rest is history.

However, that doesn’t mean new streamers should shun his advice. He’s a veteran in the scene and knows the ins and outs better than anyone. And in his latest stream, he shared some tips to help them make it big online.

Shroud old games vs newTwitch: Shroud
Shroud already had a strong following before streaming full-time.

Shroud’s streaming tips: “go the extra mile” and promote yourself in niche communities

Shroud and his friends were talking about the difficulties new streamers face. They agreed that networking and luck played an important role. However, shroud wasn’t convinced that grinding is enough anymore. 

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“Now you have to go the extra mile to get noticed. You can’t just go live every day for eight hours and expect to get views. That won’t work,” he said.

“The only way that would work is if you expose yourself to a community that’s smaller. So, imagine you’re playing a game like Elder Scrolls Online. [A game with] probably not too many streamers [and] not too many viewers, but there’s a lot of players.”

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He believes if you manage to become well-known within a specific gaming community, it will increase your chances of making it big.

“The absolute fastest way is to get yourself in a community like that.”

So, there you have it. Shroud descended from his throne as one of the biggest streamers on Twitch to give new streamers some valuable advice.

Fans always comment on how humble and down-to-earth he is, and his latest words of wisdom are a testament to that.

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