Shroud pulls off a VR t-bag after fellow streamer requests it

by Alan Bernal
Shroud / Law1


It seems people are happy to interact with top Twitch streamer Shroud in any way possible, as the former CS:GO pro gave a farewell gesture to a defeated foe at their request.


Shroud was playing the virtual reality (VR) shooter 'Contractors' and put on a full-body show as he netted a couple of kills for his team. One of the deceased, however, had a final request: to get teabagged by the Twitch star.

Although the practice has evolved in VR, Shroud was all too compliant toward the dead player’s call for a bit of self-deprecating humor.


Shroud won a long-distance firefight with an attacking player, but the fight had left him in the open with little cover to defend himself.

He repositioned to a broken wall for a moment of repose while surveying the scene ahead of him. Just then Shroud was taken by surprise from a barrage of bullets that tested the streamer’s reflexes.

At discovering the enemy peeking from a narrow slit from a hole in the wall across the street, Shroud instinctively raised his assault rifle and shot at the enemy’s direction, earning him a kill.


The action was quick and decisive, and left the other player in astonishment.

“No words buddy. No words,” the opponent said. “Can I get a teabag?”

Shroud happily obliged the downed player, and gifted him two doses of the infamous video game tradition.

Needless to say that the traditionally unsportsmanlike gesture requires a bit more effort from trolls in VR to actually crouch down, but this exchange was well worth it to produce the humorous exchange.