Shroud Proves He's Still Got it With Insane Flick Shot on CS:GO

by Calum Patterson


Former professional CS:GO player Michael "shroud" Grezesiek stepped away from playing at the top level well over a year ago now to focus on his live stream, but this insane clip proves he's still got the skills in him.

After a decorated career, the majority of which was spent with North American organization Cloud9, shroud chose to focus on his very popular live stream on Twitch - and it was a good decision by all accounts.


He regularly attracts concurrent viewers in the tens of thousands, playing a variety of games but most often battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

But as any avid CS:GO player will know, when the itch to play comes over you it is hard to resist, and shroud still gets this itch from time to time - treating his loyal viewers to some impressive ex-Pro gameplay.


Recently, shroud made a quasi-return to competing, putting together a squad of similarly 'retired' players including Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and Sean "[email protected]" Gares and the team got off to a very hot start in the ESEA Open.

Playing with the new team, shroud has been pulling in some very impressive viewing figures, as some of his fans from his professional playing days are happy to see him back playing competitive matches.

And he certainly still has the muscle memory and precision needed, as this ridiculous reaction flick one tap kill with the Galil proves.


With the opponent barely visible on screen, shroud must catch a glimpse in his peripheral and with lightning speed reaction and impeccable accuracy hits the perfect angle for the headshot.

There is a helping of luck involved with this of course, but it is undeniably a sweet shot and not the type of thing shroud is particularly known for - but playing just for fun with this squad he has been let loose to show off a bit.

Although shroud is not likely thinking of a full return to professional Counter-Strike given the success of his solo efforts with his stream, he could likely still do a job on many rosters.