Shroud Proves He’s a Beast at Any FPS with Sniper Rampage on Battlefield V

As frequent Twitch viewers will know, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is regarded as one of the most skilled players around – regardless of what game he is playing, proving it once again this time on Battlefield V.

A number of the most popular Twitch streamers were playing the early version of Battlefield V, set to release in October, as part of a partnership with publisher EA.

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The marketing arms of these big developers and publishers recognize the importance of streaming on a lot gamer’s buying preferences these days, making it a priority leading up to the release to get their game watched by 100,000’s.

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And it also helps when the streamers that EA partner with are proficient gamers, such as many of the most popular streamers are with many coming from a professional gaming background.

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The most popular Twitch streamer for example, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins formerly competed in Halo, and shroud too was a very successful CS:GO professional.

It is no surprise then that shroud is an FPS phenom especially with a keyboard and mouse in hand, and those who watch his PUBG streams regularly will know this to be the case.

But shroud’s skills truly are transferable, as you can see from this clip of him playing against many other top streamers – and wiping them out with precision accuracy from his sniper.

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What makes this clip all the more impressive is the caliber of player he is up against, many of whom skilled players and popular streamers themselves.

Shroud is obviously naturally talented at games, particularly first person shooters, but when asked recently how he became “so good”, he explained it was all about time played.

He simply lives and breathes gaming, and has done for years, and this is part of what makes him one of the best streamers around.