Shroud perfectly sums up “dumb” Among Us with hilarious rant

Among Us logo next to Shroud streamingTwitch: shroud/InnerSloth

Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has hilariously roasted Among Us, the InnerSloth party game that has taken the streaming platform by storm. 

While debates about skill based matchmaking rage on in the background, a host of Twitch streamers have turned their attention to party games, with smaller, indie title like Fall Guys and Among Us absolutely dominating Twitch over the past month or so.

Fall Guys is perhaps the simpler of the two, but Among Us focuses on a group of players who have to whittle down their team to out the impostor and find out who has been sabotaging their collective efforts.

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Among Us taking over TwitchInnersloth
Among Us is the newest game taking over streaming platforms and entertaining audiences.

We’ve seen the absolute biggest names in the streaming world turn their attention to Among Us, including Ninja and shroud. The latter has been enjoying the game, despite describing his early games on the InnerSloth title as confusing.

During a September 19 live stream, shroud’s team quickly dissolved into arguments and name calling, as shroud himself dissolved into laughter.

“This game is so f**king dumb,” he laughed. “It’s so dumb. Oh my god, it’s such a stupid f**king game. All this yelling at each other, holy f**k. He says, she says.”

“I saw you here, oh, no I wasn’t there! Alright,” he finished. “Jesus f**king christ, it’s so dumb. Oh man, it’s so f**king stupid.”

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Despite his words appearing scathing, many fans (and viewers) have agreed that the simplicity and accusatorial nature of Among Us are what makes it so much fun.

He continued to play the party game for some time, appearing to view it as a nice change of pace to the more serious, competitive titles we have seen him play.

As skill based matchmaking takes up the headlines, a vast number of people are enjoying their time on Among Us, no matter how “dumb” it is.