Shroud is convinced that VR will “never be a thing”

Twitch: shroud / Pixabay

While streaming in virtual reality, popular Twitch star Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek gave his brutally honest opinion on why he thinks the gaming platform will never be successful due to certain hurdles.

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Shroud was in the middle of streaming a VR shooter on August 11 when he addressed his audience about his views on the technology, and his feelings about it as a product in the gaming space.

The Twitch star poignantly explained why he feels the emerging gaming platform will never find mass market success on the same levels as consoles and PC.

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Twitch: Shroudshroud explains to his audience why he doesn’t think VR will go mainstream.
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Shroud thinks VR is too complicated

While the former CS:GO pro was playing Contractors with his partner, he reacted to a comment about VR never being a thing. “VR will never be a thing? Oh no, definitely not,” he quickly agreed.

The popular streamer then went on to add “it’s way too complicated. It will never function” after spending a lengthy amount of time prior to his rant having to explain to his partner the settings and the functionality of the game.

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Oculus / FacebookHe thinks it’s too complicated.
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Shroud then argued that it will continue to be a niche hobby that people jump into occasionally, and won’t ever blow up as a mainstream gaming platform for the average consumer.

“It’s just gonna be this little thing that some people have, and like to fuck around with. And that will be it. It will never be massive” the popular Twitch star said. He then reiterated what he had said earlier about it being too complicated: “the functionality is too confusing for your average consumer.”

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While Oculus has made strides recently to remove the physical requirements such cables and mounting sensors with the recently released Quest, it should be noted that there are some titles that won’t run on it, and games often have scaled back settings compared to its PC and console counterparts.

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Whether you agree or disagree with shroud, VR is still a more complex platform than the rest as it requires a lot of physical movement, and interaction within the games’ UI. 

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Only time will tell if his predictions are right.

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