Shroud in hysterics at SCUM’s bizarre emotes and customization


Twitch superstar Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek decided to try out a new style of game on his channel, and couldn’t believe what he was witnessing while playing survival game SCUM.

Released in August 2018, SCUM is an open world multiplayer survival game with the main goal being long-term survival, meaning players are forced to explore in search of vital resources.

The early access game allows for some extremely detailed character customization options, and shroud was visibly amused while creating his in-game persona.

TWITCH:SHROUDshroud decided to switch up the content on his channel by playing SCUM.

As well as the more general options such as skin colour, gender and body type – players are able to fully customize the length of the character’s private part, when choosing a male.

While creating his character, shroud used ‘concealed’ mode to hide the area, but it soon disappeared as he edited the size of his player’s manhood.

Despite adjusting the length to 10 inches, shroud claimed: “it’s not even that big.”

After finishing up his character customization, shroud and his squad were left to fend for themselves in the wilderness and couldn’t contain their laughter when it came time to use the toilet.

Unbeknown to the former CS:GO professional, his character unzipped his pants to reveal the previously sculpted p*nis while urinating, sending him into hysterics.

“Oh my, you take it right out!” he said. “You see this Yuri?!”

Will shroud get banned on Twitch?

While the feature may have been entertaining for the majority of shroud’s viewers, some were fearing the worst, with streamers such as Alinity Divine being banned in recent weeks for displaying certain content on their channel.

However, Twitch terms of service state that in-game nudity is allowed, as long it isn’t the main focus of the game and the streamer has set their stream as mature, meaning shroud is will almost certainly not face any punishment.