Shroud explains why he wants to move house again already

Shroud discusses moving house while streamingTwitch: shroud

Ex-CS:GO pro turned full-time Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has explained why he’s already looking to move house, for the second time in two years.

Most of shroud’s recent movements have been online, as he switched from Twitch to Mixer, and then back again following the sudden collapse of Microsoft’s streaming platform.

Fans of the ex-CS:GO professional have become accustomed to his streaming set up and background, having lived in the same place since January of 2019. He originally moved in with streamer Justin ‘just9n’ Ortiz, but Ortiz moved out a few months later.

Despite spending much of his younger life in Toronto, Canada, the streamer currently resides in California. However, he revealed during a September 11 YouTube video that he is considering moving, despite spending less than 2 years in his current location.

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“For real though,” he started, “we’ve been looking into new homes and stuff, because I’m kinda like over the place I live, a little bit. So we’ve been looking around a little bit, tryna find something new, something better, something nice. Not 25 bedrooms though, don’t worry – that would be f**king stupid.”

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With regard to the ongoing global health situation, he said that moving house “hasn’t changed much”, so it remains a viable option.

In terms of where he would be moving shroud more or less confirmed that he will be staying in the United States. “No other place has California weather,” he said. “There’s nowhere.”

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He went on to say that, if for whatever reason he was forced to look elsewhere, he would consider a move to Vancouver over his hometown of Toronto, citing the weather.

Regardless, if we do indeed see another house move for the Twitch star, it will be within the state he currently lives in. Needless to say then, that streaming schedules would remain fairly unaffected.

California is currently enduring extreme wildfires, which are affecting large areas of the West Coast.