Shroud reveals only reason he’d ever retire from streaming

Twitch: shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grseziek has explained that he wants to continue streaming on Twitch forever, and would only retire if viewers stopped tuning in altogether, and wasn’t making any money.

Given his massive presence across various titles, from CSGO and Valorant to PUBG and Escape from Tarkov, and the fact that he has only just celebrated his 27th birthday, the thought of shroud no longer streaming is a strange one for fans to consider.

While Twitch loyalists were forced to suffer without him when he moved to Microsoft-owned streaming service Mixer in 2019, before returning to Twitch midway through 2020, fans were at least still able to access his content – just on a different platform.

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So when a fan asked him when he would retire from streaming altogether, shroud explained the only circumstance that would see him step down from content creation altogether.

Shroud CSGO Valorant League of LegendsDreamHack
Shroud played CSGO professionally for several years before he retired to stream full-time.

While co-streaming Sentinels’ VCT victory over 100 Thieves, shroud explained that as long as people were interested in his content, he would continue streaming  – perhaps even into his 80s.

“I’ll never retire,” he said. “As long as you guys are here and interested and watching me, I will never quit.

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“There’s just no reason for me to quit. As long as I’m making money, and I make money with you guys being here, I [will] keep doing it. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m here for another 10, 15 years, maybe more. I play video games for a living; it’s the easiest job f***ing ever.

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“[Right now] look, I’m not even playing. Free content, I’m watching… I might be 80-years-old and need a nurse to help me, and I’ll still be gaming.”

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Of course, it would be fascinating to see an 80-year-old shroud playing FPS games, as you’d expect by then that his insane reaction time and pinpoint aim will have begun to deteriorate (unless we have access to some ridiculous biological repair technology by 2074).

He said back in December 2020 that he one day wants to invest in a game studio, though this would be a massive undertaking alongside his content creation and would cost “hundreds of millions of dollars” to do properly.

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But either way, fans will be glad to hear that shroud will continue to stream for a very long time yet.

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