Shroud and Dr Disrespect disagree over the best battle royale game

Jacob Hale

In a recent gaming session together, popular Twitch streamers shroud and Apex Legends, Doc also said he was going to be uninstalling Fortnite, “just because it’s on here,” but shroud very quickly told him not to do that, claiming that “Fortnite is a gem.” This may have been a step too far for the Doc.

“I don’t trust you,” he told Shroud. “I feel like you have to be joking. Why do you think it’s a gem?”

Shroud’s initial response was “I just strongly believe that it’s a gem. I won’t say that about many games besides two. It’s just incredible. You’ve got all aspects covered.”

DreamHackShroud and Dr Disrespect have almost 11 million Twitch followers between them.
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“The only problem right now is that their frames are kind of bad,” he continued. “They f***ed that up with the latest update. Besides that, they’re great: they’re pooling in money for esports, keeping the meta interesting by constantly changing it, which might be frustrating but it’s also interesting.”

The Doc had heard enough and cut shroud off, saying “It’s not interesting. If there’s no prize pool as big as it is, nobody’s watching. Because it’s not a fun thing to watch.”

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Shroud disagreed with Dr Disrespect, who went on to discuss the flaws in Fortnite’s esports system, saying that you have to watch players chasing points rather than the actual battle royale game itself.

The two went on to discuss how battle royale could be improved, what battle royale games need to be better for spectators and the potential of other games, such as Escape from Tarkov.

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In true Doc fashion, the discussion ended with him questioning shroud’s credibility. “You don’t disagree with me,” he says when shroud apologizes for disagreeing. “You agree with me, it’s just… I don’t know, your mods or something.”

Dr Disrespect has always made his disdain for Fortnite well-known but has been playing it more recently following the launch of Chapter 2. Perhaps, over time, he could end up agreeing with shroud.