Shroud and Dr Disrespect slam Gears 5 mechanics

Shroud, Twitter / Dr Disrespect, Twitch

Two of Call of Duty Gears of War sequel on his September 23 stream, playing through rounds of the multiplayer mode to get a feel for the latest entry to the chainsaw-loving franchise.

Grzesiek had a few things to say about the game’s cover mechanics as he played, after one instance of the diving feature caused him to leap straight out in front of two enemies to be killed before he could react. The streamer had clearly had his fill of battling the cover-based moves.

Xbox Game Studios The Gears of the War franchise has always been based around cover-based combat and chainsaw guns.

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“Why? Why does it roll? I’m just trying to get off the fucking wall, bro!” shroud yelled as he was sent into the rapid-fire Gears respawning process.

The Counter-Strike pro wasn’t the only one that hasn’t had grievances with the cover-based system. Dr Disrespect, who had been tuned in to his streaming colleagues’ broadcast, also aired his problems with the automatic evades in-game.

“Watching shroud right now playing Gears 5.  He’s echoed the same problem I have. Why isn’t there a disable button for automatic evade off of cover?” the Two-Time asked. “I get that it does it off the cover edge but it seems too ‘systematic’ and limiting. I want full control.”

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These issues with mechanics aren’t the first time one of the platform’s biggest streamers has struggled through problems relating to Gears 5 and its systems.

When the title was first released, Dr Disrespect spent hours battling with his PC options as he tried to turn off the Xbox notifications he was being bombarded with by fans, slowly descending into muted rage on-stream until he finally found a solution.

Respawn EntertainmentShroud and Dr Disrespect have both called out Gears 5’s cover mechanics. [ad name=”article5″]

Although both Twitch stars have struggled to adapt to Gears’ click-and-stick cover mechanics, they’ve not lost any of their ability to produce exciting moments on their broadcasts.

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Earlier this week, shroud bagged his first nuke of Modern Warfare on the final day of the beta, while the Doc proved that no matter how he feels about a game, he’s always willing to get better at it when he clutched a 1v4 sudden-death moment to win the round for his squad.