Shroud celebrates as Fall Guys hacker in his game fails miserably

Shroud on Fall GuysMediatonic/Twitch: shroud

Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was left in hysterics after one of his opponents in Fall Guys failed to qualify for the next round — despite using hacks.

Fall Guys has become super popular with streamers and regular players alike, with the fun battle royale-style game allowing players to let off steam in a much more relaxed and lighthearted way.

That said, some people do take it seriously: so serious that they’re willing to use all manner of hacks and cheats to get the edge over their opponents.

Fall Guys characterMediatonic
Fall Guys has become a massive hit since its release on PS4 and PC.

Hackers are apparent in just about every multiplayer game imaginable, but the absurdity of hacking in Fall Guys isn’t lost on most players.

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But, they’re present, and you can often find them speeding ahead of the competition ten times faster than everyone else, almost guaranteeing that they can complete courses without having to worry about being eliminated.

That’s not always the case though, as shroud found out in a hilarious fail seen on stream after completing the Gate Crash map.

Shroud qualified as one of the 39 players to make it to the next round with a bit of time to spare, too, and found himself spectating his opponents after crossing the finishing line.

Immediately, he found himself watching a player moving at an alarming rate, almost flying through the map — and not even cross the finish line in time.

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“I have a cheater in my game,” he said, before the ‘round over’ text popped up on screen and shroud realized how badly the player had failed.

“He didn’t make it,” shroud exclaimed through his laughter. “He didn’t make it, dude!”

Obviously speed isn’t the most important factor in Fall Guys; you need precision, timing and a little bit of luck to even reach the end, but if you’ve only got to reach the end of a game of Gate Crash within the first 39 players, you really can’t afford to lose while hacking — especially not when shroud is showing it to thousands of viewers.

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