Shroud boss fight ruined by Lost Ark servers going down at worst possible moment

Shroud on top of Lost Ark road of lement dungeon background

Popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek faced the most unfortunate timing as the servers ruined his intense Lost Ark boss fight.

Despite claiming it’s the most boring game he’s ever played at its worldwide launch, shroud has quickly become obsessed with Lost Ark. The Twitch star has put in over 212 hours of the popular MMO so far – and that’s just counting the hours he is streaming.

Recently, the former Counter-Strike pro even confessed himself that he’s addicted to the game, revealing that the first thing he thinks about every day is doing his Lost Ark daily quests.

While the streaming star certainly spends a lot of time in Arkesia, nothing could prepare him for the servers going down at literally the worst possible moment.

shroud-lost-ark-addicted-regretSmilegate / Twitch: Shroud
Shroud has spent a lot of time playing Lost Ark since its release.

During a recent March 23 live stream, the Twitch star was attempting to take down the Road of Lament Abyssal dungeon boss ‘Kyzra’. After a long and intense fight, the battle was almost over.

However, with just a smudge of health left on their enemy, the servers suddenly shut down for maintenance.

“No dude,” he cried out, after realizing he could’ve killed Kyzra in time and got the loot. “No, if ultimate landed dude! If my ult landed! Oh no, alright, well I tried.”

Players and content creators alike are no strangers to unfortunate timing, and many can likely be able to relate and feel shroud’s pain.

Luckily, the boss wasn’t all that important to the Twitch star, with him being able to laugh it off with his chat pretty easily.