Shroud becomes 6th Twitch streamer ever to reach 10 million followers

. 5 months ago
Shroud Twitch streamer with Twitch logo in corner
Twitch: shroud

Streaming and FPS phenom Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has become just the sixth Twitch streamer in history to reach the incredible milestone of 10 million followers on the livestreaming platform.

After leaving the world of professional CS:GO behind him, shroud became a streaming enigma, with accuracy second to none and raw ability that made sure all eyes were on him — literally.

While his come-up and much of his fanbase is comprised of those who love his gameplay in first-person shooters, he’s admitted to favoring MMOs like New World in 2021 — but that hasn’t held him back at all.

Kicking off 2022 in style, shroud has officially hit 10 million followers on Twitch, etching his name in the history books forever and joining a very elite club.

Who else has 10 million Twitch followers?

shroud streamer
Shroud has been streaming since 2013.

Before shroud, only five other streamers have reached 10 million followers on Twitch. Ninja ranks at the top with over 17 million followers, followed by Auronplay, Tfue and Rubius.

Shroud started streaming on Twitch full-time after retiring from CS:GO in April 2018 and has seen significant success since. At one point he was the most-subbed streamer on the platform with 114,000 subscribers, double that of second-placed TimTheTatman.

He lated joined Ninja over on Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer, for some time, before they ceased operations and he received a reported $10m payout. He returned to Twitch in August 2020, and hasn’t missed a step since, continuing to grow quickly.

While shroud was ahead of xQc for some time, the Canadian star overtook him right before reaching the landmark, hitting 10m slightly quicker. Next up are Spanish stars Ibai and Grefg, who are at 9.2 and 9.5m respectively at the time of writing.

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