Shroud announces Twitch return date and unveils new logo

Logitech / shroud

Streaming star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek announced that he’s moving back to Twitch after Microsoft shut down Mixer to merge with Facebook Gaming, all while unveiling his new branding and logo.

On June 22, Microsoft made the unexpected announcement that they are shutting down Mixer. The major tech company had previously tried to strengthen its streaming service by signing major exclusivity deals with Twitch stars such as Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and shroud in 2019.

Following the decision, shroud revealed that he’s planning to stream on Twitch once again. The personality is going to be welcomed by the huge following he’s made in the first-person shooter genre, with his skills earning him the longtime nickname, “human aimbot.”

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Twitter: @shroud
Shroud signed with Mixer in October 2019.

Shroud moves back to Twitch

Shortly after Microsoft made the announcement that they are merging with Facebook Gaming for streaming, reports revealed that the company had bought out shroud’s contract, making him a free agent.

The popular FPS player followed that up with a series of teasers before finally dropping the huge news on August 11 that’s he’s returning to Twitch, the platform he called home for years before his surprise move to Mixer in 2020.


The video not only reveals the huge news but also unveils shroud’s new logo and branding, which features his name next to a reticle with an arrow pointing at it.

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Shroud debuted a new logo along with his Twitch announcement.

When is Shroud streaming on Twitch?

Shortly after the announcement, shroud also revealed that he’ll be kicking off his first Twitch stream back on Wednesday, August 12 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET.

What’s more, the former CSGO pro is already partnered again on Twitch, meaning he’ll have his subscriber button ready to go for the hundreds of thousands of viewers that are expected to show up in his first few return broadcasts.

His Twitch partnership was revoked, of course, following the move to Mixer, but now it’s been reinstated, which means he won’t be able to stream anywhere else, unlike fellow star Ninja, who also was on Mixer and is now allowed to broadcast on whatever platform he chooses, without exclusivity.

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Shroud’s decision to return to Twitch was probably an easy one, as at the time of writing his channel has over 7.1 million followers and will be one of the platform’s faces again upon his return. Viewers will no doubt be eager to watch the star show his mindblowing FPS skill and prove, again, that he’s the Human Aimbot.