Shane Dawson to expose “Ugly Side of the Beauty World” in next documentary series

Shane Dawson, YouTube / Jeffree Star, Instagram

While popular YouTuber Shane Dawson has made a home for himself on the video platform for some time, his documentary series have pushed him to the height of fame in recent years – and now, he’s spilling the beans about his upcoming project.

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Dawson began his documentary series drive by detailing the lives of controversial YouTubers, including such names as Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul, and even Jeffree Star – a massively popular makeup mogul who will be making yet another appearance in Dawson’s next series.

Dawson uploaded a Tweet on June 30 finally admitting the premise and date for his forthcoming project, which he called, “The Ugly Side of the Beauty World.”

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“Ugly Side of the Beauty World series in the fall and possibly something else in July,” he wrote in reply to a fan. “Some stuff happened that threw a wrench in the conspiracy series, but I’ll explain soon. But the series in the fall is A LOT… so trust me, you’ll be sick of me by the end of the year.”

Although Dawson didn’t exactly let slip what the series might be about, he has previously mentioned that he is working closely with Star for the project (which, considering its title, could very well discuss the drama between beauty YouTubers James Charles and Tati  Westbrook in May).

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That’s not all: Dawson claimed that his previously teased conspiracy theory video would be incorporated into his Beauty series, which he’d previewed with a series of photos in early June.

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Dawson uploaded four photos to Twitter on June 8, which showed an apparent video setup in a hotel room and a snapshot of his face on the camera’s viewfinder.

Although he didn’t make any mention of what the proposed conspiracy was about, it looks like fans won’t be seeing a full-fledged series for the theory, as was previously thought.

“…the main theory will now be incorporated into the beauty series, and it just makes more sense to do that,” he explained. “But I’ll explain more soon.”

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Despite these drawbacks, fans are more than excited for Dawson’s upcoming collaboration with Star for yet another documentary, following his ‘Conspiracies with Shane Dawson’ double-video uploads in late January.

Dawson’s documentary series earned him widespread acclaim across the YouTube space, even seeing him earn a Shorty Award in early May for his efforts – and with all the hype surrounding his current endeavors, his next project is shaping up to be another smash hit.