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Shane Dawson starts trending after bizarre cat Tweet from “Nintendo”

Published: 14/Feb/2021 23:20

by Charlotte Colombo


Shane Dawson might be gone from the internet, but after an unusual Tweet by ‘Nintendo’ concerning a cat went viral on February 13, it became clear that he certainly hasn’t been forgotten… 

It all started when a very official-looking Nintendo account tweeted a screenshot of Super Mario along with some furry friends with the caption: “Nothing feels better than the inside of the cat!”

Although some fans thought this was an innocent mistake on Nintendo’s part, a closer look at the account makes clear that it isn’t affiliated with Nintendo (although it definitely looks very convincing).

Firstly, the account isn’t ‘verified’ on Twitter, meaning that it doesn’t have the blue tick that most official accounts have. The account was only set up in August 2020, and if that wasn’t clear enough, the location of the account is set as ‘PARODY’.


With that in mind, it is pretty clear that the people behind this ‘Nintendo’ account knew exactly how their innuendo-filled tweet could be interpreted.

In what is no doubt an embarrassing moment for Dawson, as the Tweet blew up (it now has 12.7k likes and 4.6k retweets), he ended up trending on Twitter as a result, as fans couldn’t help remember Shane’s own chequered history with felines.

With Twitter users joking that Shane Dawson must be running the official Nintendo account, here are some of the best memes that came out of the surprise Twitter trend:

What happened with Shane Dawson and his cat?

Shane Dawson was accused of engaging in sexual activity with his cat after an old clip from his ‘Shane and Friends’ podcast resurfaced in March 2019.


In the 2014 clip, Shane jokingly described how he had his “first sexual experience” at 19 years old with his pet cat. In the podcast, the YouTuber claimed he “spread” the cat’s legs, and “humped” her ‘tummy’, “and I kept humping and humping, and I came all over the cat.”

Twitter: Shane Dawson
Shane’s response to the scandal later became a meme.

After the resurfaced clip went viral, and many fans expressed their concern, Dawson attempted to clarify that the discussion was meant as a joke in a series of tweets. He said at the time: “That story was fake and was based on a dumb awful sketch idea I had years ago that I never made.”


However, that didn’t stop fans from turning his now-infamous response to the scandal into a meme, with Ethan Klein from H3H3 Productions Tweeting at the time: “I have no idea what this is about and Shane I’m sure you didn’t f**k your cat, but this is the best copy pasta on the internet ever.”