Shane Dawson explains how getting ‘canceled’ was actually a good thing


Shane Dawson has opened up about being infamously ‘canceled’ by the internet in 2020, after old problematic videos came to light.

Dawson apologized in 2020 for his old and offensive content, which included blackface, racism, and jokes about pedophilia.

However, social media users were not forgiving, as he lost over 400,000 subscribers following the apology video. This led him to take a 1-year social media break, after claiming that his career was “over.”

He returned to posting YouTube content again in 2021, although he’s not as active as he used to be.

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Although he lost many fans due to his problematic past and drama, Dawson has recently revealed that being ‘canceled’ has its positive perks.

Shane Dawson glad that he was ‘canceled’

During a recent podcast episode with Perez Hilton, the YouTuber explained: “I really think the universe and God, or whatever, really planned it this way because I was at a point before I got canceled where I didn’t wanna be around anymore. I was so burnt out.”

Dawson added: “I started therapy for an eating disorder and all the other stuff and then oddly enough, two months maybe even sooner, I started therapy, I got canceled and it was like, ‘Oh.’ That felt very designed to me by something.”

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He revealed that after having enough time to reflect, he’s now able to create content that he likes, and focus on his podcast ‘The Shane Dawson Podcast.’

“Now I can see what the bigger purpose is, and I do, and I’m so grateful to be where I am, and for my family, and to not be freaking out every f**king day, like, ‘What am I going to make? ‘What am I going to make? How am I going to top it? Are people going to be mad?’ It really was never ending.”

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Despite losing some of his fanbase due to past controversies, Dawson’s new videos continue to amass millions of views on YouTube.

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