Shane Dawson fires back at trolls for insulting his weight

Virginia Glaze
Shane Dawson, YouTube

YouTube star Shane Dawson took a hiatus from social media after revealing rude comments on his videos that insulted his weight — but now, he’s firing back with a pointed response to the haters.

Dawson opened up about his seemingly sporadic upload schedule in a soul-bearing Tweet on February 19, which included a screenshot of a hateful message that targeted his body.

“I love Shane, but it’s a d**n shame to watch him putting all this weight back on while everyone around him laughs and enables it,” the commenter wrote.

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The YouTuber admitted that comments like these prevent him from uploading on a regular basis, and announced that he would be taking a step back from social media due to the rude trolls and being in a “weird headspace.”

Now, Dawson has made his return to YouTube with another video, where he gave an explicit message to any haters hoping to body-shame him in future uploads.

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His March 6 upload opened with a montage of celebrity news hosts discussing his Tweet, later panning to a shot of the star working out on a stationary bike alongside his personal trainer in a small gym.

“Listen, my only response is gonna be ‘f**k you,’” he said of the issue. “People who make fun of people’s weight, or attack people’s weight, literally f**k you. You’re gonna die soon. I know it. I can feel it. I’m a psychic.”

Shane Dawson, YouTube
Shane Dawson opened up about how rude comments have affected his upload schedule, and claimed that he wouldn’t be making fun of his own weight moving forward.

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That’s not all: he went on to reveal that he will no longer be talking about his weight or joking about the matter, and even gave some well-intentioned advice to those suffering from fat-shaming comments online.

“Don’t let things that people say on the internet bother you,” he advised. “…whatever people are saying about you is just a projection of how they feel about themselves, or they just want attention.”

(Segment begins at 1:46 for mobile readers)

It’s no secret that social media can be toxic, especially towards those with a massive online following — but Dawson isn’t going to give his haters the satisfaction of letting their words affect him any longer, and we’re here for it.