Shane Dawson finally reveals date for his next documentary series

Shane Dawson, YouTube / Freepik

Longtime YouTuber Shane Dawson is a well-known face on the video platform, having skyrocketed to further fame following his documentary series over controversial internet stars like Jeffree Star, Tana Mongeau, and even Jake Paul – and now, after months of waiting, his next project finally has a release date.

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While Dawson teased the documentary in a series of cryptic photos in late June, fans didn’t get a release date for the project until much later, when he published a Tweet admitting that he would upload “something else” in July, following his upcoming “Ugly Side of the Beauty World” in fall 2019.

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However, fans were left in the dark as to a date for the project – that is, until July 13.

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Dawson posted yet another series of photos to Twitter that revealed the due date for his next video for the week of July 14, showing a series of empty soda cans lined up on his kitchen counter.

“This can only mean one thing,” Dawson wrote of the mess. “New video coming… this week!”

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Although fans are aware of his joint project with Jeffree Star coming later in the year, they’re still relatively in the dark as to the subject matter of his July release – but his photos from June might provide a hint as to his forthcoming series.

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The YouTuber posted a slew of pictures to Twitter that showed what appeared to be a video setup inside of a hotel room, with his face featured in the viewfinder of his camera.

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Fans shared their theories across the net, with some speculating that Dawson’s teaser hinted at his investigation of a haunted hotel, an idea that he has toyed with before in previous uploads.

Considering his recent stint in conspiracy theories, however, his latest video may investigate hidden cameras in hotel rooms – although no one is certain of this theory, just yet.

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Thus far, Dawson has kept tight-lipped in regards to his next release, making his fans wait with bated breath before diving into another drama-filled roller coaster ride of content – which could be as wildly successful as his previous series.