Shane Dawson explains why he’s creating a third YouTube channel

Virginia Glaze
Shane Dawson, YouTube

YouTuber Shane Dawson confused fans on January 2, after he created a brand-new YouTube channel in wake of his successful makeup collaboration with fellow internet celeb Jeffree Star.

Dawson is a familiar face on YouTube, having started his journey on the platform in 2005. He has since gone on to become one of its biggest content creators in recent memory, and boasts over 23 million subscribers.

Known at first for his skits and edgy humor, the YouTuber went on to become a celebrated documentarian, centering on the lives of controversial figures like Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star, Twitter
Shane Dawson went viral in late 2019, thanks to the smash success of his “Conspiracy” makeup collab with Jeffree Star.

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Now, it seems that one of the site’s biggest faces is taking another step in his career, as told in a series of Tweets on January 6 and 7 to kick off the New Year.

In his Tweet, Dawson announced the creation of his third channel, “ShaneGlossin,” following the creation of his second account “Shane Dawson TV” in 2008.

“I made another channel for makeup videos and other random stuff I might feel like posting,” Dawson explained. “I just wanted a low pressure place to post stuff if I get creative or inspired at 3 AM.”

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This post would explain the random video uploaded five days prior, simply titled, “Test,” which featured Dawson sledding down a snowy hillside — a video that has garnered over 1 million views at the time of writing, in spite of being an obvious “tester” upload from the YouTube star.

“ShaneGlossin’s” creation comes as little surprise to fans, considering the smashing success of his “Conspiracy” palette collab with Star in November 2019 — but not everyone is pleased with this development, and some have even gone as far as accusing Dawson of being a “fake” beauty guru.

“I play with makeup almost daily,” Dawson replied to one critic. “I just don’t post about it because I’m not in the mood to post. After a series I tend to gain weight, spiral, and hibernate for a couple months. Currently in that phase.”

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In spite of haters’ complaints, it already looks like Dawson’s channel is seeing massive traction, boasting over 908k subscribers as of January 7 — although fans are still waiting on a new makeup look from the star.