Seniors fight on Bingo night after grandma threatens to “kick ass”

TikTok seniors fighting ghetto garageTikTok: GhettoGaragebuilds

A couple of seniors found their way into a fight on Bingo night after one of the grandmas threatened to “kick ass” after someone made a comment about her grandson.

It’s no secret that bingo night is quite popular with seniors around the world, with many spending their evenings dabbing numbers with their friends.

That doesn’t mean that things don’t get a little bit heated occasionally, as TikToker Ghettogaragebuilds recently found out.

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While playing bingo, the creator noticed two older women going at each other and began recording just in time to capture the two fighting.

Grandma threatens to “kick ass” after woman comments on grandson

In the first video, you can see the offended grandma in her red sweater start to look a bit irritated before she eventually lashes out.

“Talk to my grandson like that again and I’ll kick your ass. Let’s go,” she said before standing from the table.

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A man also came from the back of the room to help separate the woman from whoever she was attempting to fight.

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In a second video, it became clear that the woman on the other side of the interaction is sitting just two seats away.

Unfortunately, the background noise on the video is too loud to be able to clearly tell what they’re saying to each other.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a grandma get a bit feisty in public either, back in February 2022 a heroic grandma stopped an alleged shoplifter while getting her groceries at Walmart.

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