‘Selfish’ Logan Paul called out by WWE star Seth Rollins: “He’s going to get creamed”

logan paul and seth rollins with wwe logoWWE, YouTube, WikiMediaCommons: Miguel Discart

Logan Paul has come under fire from one of the WWE’s top stars – Seth Rollins – who thinks that Logan doesn’t care about wrestling and has called the social media star a “leech”.

Since his official debut match at Wrestlemania 38, teaming with The Miz in a victorious effort, Logan Paul has gone from strength to strength and already proved himself to be a valuable and talented wrestler.

The proof was in the pudding when the social media star-turned-boxer officially signed a WWE contract. His star-making performance at Wrestlemania drew plaudits from some of the industry’s most elite figures from current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to legendary pro wrestler, now actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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It seems that not everyone buys into the Logan Paul hype though as WWE stalwart Seth Rollins has revealed his disliking for the global superstar.

WWE star Seth Rollins calls out Logan Paul

Appearing on the Pat McAfee show, Seth Rollins was discussing all things with fellow WWE star Pat, and the pair got onto the topic of Logan Paul.

When asked if he was on the Logan Paul bandwagon, Pat said: “I think it’s hard not to respect what he’s done, I mean he’s unbelievable!”

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Seth didn’t take too kindly to the words and proceeded to lay into Logan Paul: “The guy doesn’t care about nothing but himself. Look, I can respect the hustle, but he’s going to step into my world and get creamed.”

The WWE star then discussed how Logan “is in it for himself” and how he doesn’t want him in the WWE “if he’s going to leech off of it.” He believes that Logan doesn’t care for the wrestling business and that’s why Seth “doesn’t like the guy, that’s why I don’t dig the guy.”

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As things wore on, you could tell the WWE star was getting more and more agitated to the point he even called out Logan Paul: “If he wants to say something to my face then we can talk about it. You know where to find me, every Monday night, I show up, I got to work, I put in the time, I respect the business.”

Now, with this interview being strongly affiliated with the WWE, there’s every chance that this is a “work” to set up a tantalizing Wrestlemania 39 dream match between Logan Paul and Seth Rollins.

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Both are gifted athletes and should be capable of putting on a great match. With only two months until Wrestlemania 39 at SoFI stadium in California, the seeds may have already been planted between the two.

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