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Selena Gomez responds after fans claim she mocked Hailey Bieber on TikTok

Published: 12/May/2022 12:21

by Georgina Smith


Selena Gomez has apologized after some fans claimed she was mocking Hailey Bieber in a TikTok video, saying she had “zero bad intention.”

As well as thousands of influencers, TikTok is also home to plenty of celebrity accounts, where some of the biggest stars join in on the platform’s latest trends.

In May, singer Selena Gomez uploaded a short skincare routine video to the app in which she showed her 40 million followers certain products she uses, with music playing in the background.

However, fans noted that model Hailey Bieber had uploaded two similar ‘get ready with me’ videos to TikTok not long prior, and some claimed that Gomez was intentionally mocking her.


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“Wait…is she tryna make fun of you know who?” one comment read, another saying “lol I know who she’s referring to.”

After the video blew up and fans started debating in the comments, Gomez left a comment of her own responding to the backlash, reading: “This is why I believe in taking care of your mental health. Guys no idea what I did but I really am sorry. Zero bad intention. Deleting soon.”

She then proceeded to turn off the comments on her video which now has over 6 million views.

Fans were quick to defend Selena on social media, saying she “wasn’t shading anyone” and calling the backlash “ridiculous.”


In April, Bieber asked for haters to stop harassing her online in a viral TikTok video, saying: “Leave me alone at this point,” she said in the 20-second video. “I’m minding my business, I don’t say anything, I don’t do anything. Leave me alone, please. Enough time has gone by where it’s valid to leave me alone. I beg of you, truly. That’s my only request. Leave me alone. Be miserable somewhere else, please.”

At the time of writing, she hasn’t commented on the situation.