Selen Tatsuki and Kureiji Ollie Apex Legends collab confirmed with Vestia Zeta

VTubers Kureiji Ollie, Selen tatsuki, and vestia zetaYouTube: Kureiji Ollie / YouTube: Selen Tatsuki / YouTube: Vestia Zeta

It’s finally happening: After Selen Tatsuki’s collab with “the zombie” [Kureiji Ollie] was canceled last year, the NIJISANJI EN and Hololive ID stars will finally join each other on stream for an Apex Legends collab. Vestia Zeta will also be joining to round out the trio.

“I think it’s okay to hype this. This has been something we’ve been trying to organize for the longest time, and then maybe next week it’ll actually happen… but maybe you’ll finally see the zombie playing with me.”

Those were Selen Tatsuki’s fateful words back in November 2021 hyping up a collab between her and Hololive’s Kureiji Ollie, one many were hoping for. However, just before it was meant to happen, it was canceled and Selen promised fans she’d try again as soon as possible. 

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Well, nearly 12 months on, and the NIJISANJI EN dragon will finally get her collab with the zombie of Hololive ID.

There’s no beating around the bush either: Selen Tatsuki named both Kureiji Ollie and Vestia Zeta as the trio will be finally hosting an Apex Legends collab stream.

“The Apex collab we’ve waited a year for! Next week with the Zombie and Secret Agent from Hololive,” Selen said on Twitter.

Both Ollie and Zeta celebrated the collab on their own socials. “It’s finally happening,” Ollie exclaimed. “We’re ending the long wait!”

It comes after Regis Altare and Alban Knox announced their Terraria collab for October 15, marking the first between NIJISANJI EN and Hololive EN. 

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With Selen’s long-awaited collab with Ollie now getting off the ground, fans are extremely excited for more action between the two groups. Pomu Rainpuff and Takanashi Kiara getting together on stream is one many are hoping for.

We will confirm the exact details of the trio collab between Selen Tatsuki, Kureiji Ollie, and Vestia Zeta once it’s made public, but keep your eyes peeled for a date and time later in October.