Selen Tatsuki hosts contest letting fans design her next outfit

Selen Tatsuki showing off new polar bear outfit durin reveal stream.Nijisanji

Nijisanji EN Vtuber Selen Tatsuki is hosting a contest that will let her fans design her next official outfit.

Outfit reveals have always been an important part of Vtuber culture. They provide talents with the opportunity to express themselves and attract a lot of attention and donations from fans.

Prominent Vtubers like Selen receive new outfits fairly often with the Nijisanji talent getting a military-themed outfit in August 2022 and a casual polar bear hoodie outfit following in April 2023.

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Fans weren’t expecting to hear much about her next outfit for several months but now the Dragon Vtuber has hosted a surprise contest letting fans design it.

Fans given chance to design Selen Tatsuki’s next outfit

As posted on her official Twitter, Selen Tatsuki is hosting a contest where fans can submit their own design concepts for her next outfit.

Five entries will be chosen with the artists being rewarded $1,000 USD each. Of those five only one will be selected to become an official outfit. The reward fee is being paid for by Selen herself and not Nijisanji.

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Those interested have until May 28 to submit their designs. Designs can be submitted by posting them with the hashtag #SelenCloset and completing the attached Google submission form.

Nijisanji has listed official terms and conditions for the contest. These terms clarify that the Vtuber agency will not be responsible for any costs incurred, will gain the rights to all submitted designs, and will not have to compensate artists if designs are used in the future.

Furthermore, Nijisanji reserves the right to reject entries if they breach copyright, are offensive, or are deemed to cause discomfort to third parties.

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Nijisanji has come under some criticism lately with Vtuber Sayu Okami releasing a statement on behalf of Zaion LanZa regarding Zaion’s experiences before getting fired from the agency.

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