MrBeast’s ‘secret’ brother finally reveals himself in hilarious video

Instagram @mrbeast / YouTube: MrBro

Popular challenge creator Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson’s ‘secret’ brother revealed himself on August 28, when he unveiled his YouTube channel in a hilarious video that has fans seeing double.

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After being teased previously on multiple occasions, MrBeast’s older brother CJ has finally joined YouTube, and has made his debut with the aptly named channel ‘MrBro’. 

Proving that the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree, his debut video cleverly copies and satirizes the popular YouTuber’s challenge videos – as a second rate knock off.

YouTube: MrBeast / MrBroMrBeast encouraged his older brother MrBro to join YouTube years ago.
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MrBeast’s ‘secret’ brother

MrBeast’s older brother joked that he is ‘unknown’, although he has been featured in some of his younger brother’s videos in the past. And the popular YouTube star has actually teased his sibling joining the video-sharing platform previously.  

On March 17, MrBeast asked his fans on Twitter if his older brother should make a YouTube channel. And after getting a great reception, he announced on his social media on August 25 that CJ was launching his channel.

“My brother launches his channel next week! He has some massive videos coming up and i’m very proud of him. Go Subscribe! (he is going to be dropping some bangers)” MrBeast tweeted.

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Hilariously, MrBro’s first video is a compilation of him re-creating many of his younger brothers iconic challenge videos, except with the twist that he’s poor, so they are cheap knock offs. “Unfortunately I’m poor, so I’ve decided to a dumbed down version of my brother’s videos,” he said. 

CJ then showed clips from his brother’s videos and then ‘his version’ of them which are lacking. Take for instance MrBeast’s iconic challenge where his last friend to take their hand off the house actually won it. In MrBro’s rendition, the same friends compete, but this time for a tiny Lego house.

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His Tesla challenge where the last one to leave got to keep the luxury car is re-created with his friends fighting over a children’s mini toy car, and cramming themselves to technically fit in it.  CJ even pokes fun of his younger brother’s ‘subscribe to PewDiePie’ campaign, as all he could afford was to dress up in a costume and wave a sign on the side of the road.

YouTube: MrBroMrBro re-created the Tesla challenge.
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MrBro went to great detail to parody his brother, even down to his YouTube channel’s header image. MrBeast reads “subscribe with notifications on, or I will take all your cookies”. But his channel has the same image except it says “Subscribe with notifications on, or you’ll have bad luck for 6.9 years”. 

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The video wrapped up with a heartwarming moment when MrBro reminisced about his younger  brother first starting out. “I remember when Jimmy was 14 years old in his room, editing his videos super late at night of Minecraft. Just to post it and maybe get 100, 200 views. But I remember how proud he was and how hard he worked,” he said.

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Despite only just launching, MrBro’s account already has over 86k subscribers as of the time of writing this article, showing that his new career as a YouTuber is off to a good start.