Second fastest growing Twitch channel is incredibly suspicious

When looking at the fastest growing channels on Twitch, all the usual suspects are there; Ninja, Tfue, Shroud and so on, but one name on the list may not be so familiar – an account named ‘bloodymoshpit’.

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First created in 2015, this account had streamed sporadically in early 2016, and then again only a few times in 2017.

Having not streamed since April 2017, ‘bloodymoshpit’ made a comeback, with a stream on Friday, January 4, 2019, playing some WWE 2K19.

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The streamer continued broadcasting daily over the following weekend, averaging between 20-30 viewers on most streams.

These kind of numbers are good, and even for a very inconsistent streamer, some small growth would be expected, but nothing of the level which bloodymoshpit has managed.

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On Wednesday, January 2, the channel’s follower count shot up from around 500 to over 80,000, and by Saturday, January 5, bloodymoshpit had over 297,000 followers – making it the second fastest growing channel in the 7 day period.

SullyGnomeMysterious ‘bloodymoshpit’ channel is the 2nd fastest growing in the last 7 days. (SullyGnome).
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These numbers are clearly being artificially inflated in some way, given that the channel itself only has approximately 11,000 total views, as of January 9.

The follower count has already begun to drop, losing a few hundred per day – although there’s a good chance that after some investigating by Twitch, this channel will be removed entirely.

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The channel’s total views and total followers are incongruent.

View ‘bots’ have been a somewhat common problem on Twitch, allowing streamers to inflate their view count artificially, but follower bots, at least on this scale, are rare.

Source: SullyGnome